Young Frankenstein Soundtrack Lyrics

Young Frankenstein Lyrics

From the Album: Young Frankenstein Soundtrack (2007) (buy at

- Overture
Villagers - The Happiest Town in Town
Fredcrick, Students - The Brain
Elizabeth and Voyagers - Please Don't Touch Me
Frederick, Igor - Together Again
Inga, Frederick, Igor - Roll In The Hay
Victor, Frederick, Ancestors - Join The Family Business
Frau Blucher - He Vas My Boyfriend
Krmp and Villagers - The Law
Frederick - Life, Life
Transylvania Quartet - Welcome To Transylvania
Igor, Frederick. Inga, Kemp and Villagers - Transylvania Mania
Kemp and Villagers - He's Loose
Inga - Listen to Your Heart
Elizabeth. Igor, Frau Blucher, Sasha, Masha. Basha, Tasha and Bob - Surprise
Hermit - Please Send Me Someone
Frederick - Man About Town
Monster, Inga. Igor, Frau Blucher, Ensemble - Puttin' on the Ritz
Elizabeth - Deep Love
Frederick - Frederick's Soliloquy
Monster - Deep Love (Reprise)
The Company - Finale Ultimo
Megan Mullally - Alone

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