The Letter Lyrics - A Year with Frog and Toad Soundtrack

A Year with Frog and Toad Soundtrack Lyrics

The Letter Lyrics
Frog (spoken):

Snail (spoken):
Yes, Frog?

Frog (spoken):
Would you deliver this letter to Toad for me?

Snail (spoken):
Me? You want me to deliver your letter?

Frog (spoken):

Snail (spoken):
Why, absolutely! And I am flattered that you are putting your trust in me!
I will deliver your letter, Frog! You can count on me!
I’m carrying a letter
A most important letter
A letter Frog has written to Toad
I’d love to stay and chat
Stick around and chew the fat
But duty calls, and I must hit the road
I’m the snail with the mail, I’ll deliver without fail
Whether rain or sleet or snow
No snail has feet more fleet-ah (fleeter)
Why, I’m practically a cheetah!
I put the ‘go’ in ‘escargot’!

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