Extremis Lyrics by Hal (featuring Gillian Anderson)

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Hal (featuring Gillian Anderson) - Extremis Lyrics
Atom by atom,
Molecular beings,
Transport me away
To the place of my dreams.

A point in space,
Where time is still,
Colliding worlds,
In limbo until


A melting of minds,
A cerebral mesh,
A union of liquid,
And virtual... flesh.

Automaton love,
Your caress is pneumatic,
I'm a slave to your touch,
My response automatic.

The circuits burn out,
And the paradigm shift,
Its elision,
My emotions drift.

Clarity fades,
And my faculties haze,
Deep down in formals,
Hound me for days.


Your reasons are noble,
A quintessence of lust,
In the arms of angels,
My dreams turn to dust.


I don't want to hear about the future.
I want to see it,
I want to feel it,
I want to taste it.

There is a tendency to forget that the darkness automatically brings about fear in the world.
But I have already got a piece of the darkness. Trouble begins in the light, if you come around here.


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