WWE Soundtrack Lyrics

WWE Lyrics

From the Album: WWE: The Anthology Soundtrack (2002) (buy at amazon.com)

- World Wrestling Federation Signature
Hulk Hogan - Real American
Bret Hart - Hitman
Bushwhackers - Walkabout
Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth Wedding - Together
Million Dollar Man - Its All About The Money
Jake the Snake - Snake Bit
Razor Ramon - Bad Boy
Theme to No Holds Barred - No Holds Barred
Ultimate Warrior - Unstable
Brother Love - I Love You
Honky Tonk Man - Cool Cocky Bad
123 Kid - One Two Three
Bertha Faye - Sweet Lovin Arms
Flash Funk - Can't Get Enough
Sunny - I Know You Want Me
Lex Express / Unknown - I'll Be Your Hero
Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy
Los Boricuas - Los Boricuas
Mankind - Schizophrenic
Smoking Gunns - Smokin'
Yokozuna - Sumo
Sycho Sid - Snapped
Shawn Michaels Farewell - Tell Me A Lie
Owen Hart - Enough Is Enough
Road Dogg - With My Baby Tonight
Sable - Wild Cat
Bret Hart Tribute - You Start the Fire
Diesel - Diesel Blues
Mick Foley - Dudes Shack
Nation of Domination - Power
The Corporate Ministry - Corporate Ministry
Dude Love - The Dudester

- Attitude Signature
D-Generation X - Break It Down
Stone Cold Steve Austin - I Won't Do What You Tell Me
Billy Gunn - Ass Man
Brawl For All Theme - Brawl For All
Goldust - Gold-Lust
WrestleMania 2000 Theme - California
Chyna - Who I Am
DLo - The Real Deal
In Your House Theme - Deadly Game
Ken Shamrock - The Ultimate
Edge - You Think You Know Me
Gangrel - Blood
Godfather - The Ho Train
DX with Mike Tyson - Fist
New Age Outlaws - Oh You Didn't Know? (Instumental)
Kane - Burned
Val Venis - Hello Ladies
William Regal - Real Mans Man
Kurt Angle - I Don't Suck
Eddie Guerrero - Latino Heat
Lita - It Just Feels Right
Mark Henry - Sexual Chocolate
Mr. McMahon - No Chance In Hell
Stone Cold Steve Austin - Oh Hell Yeah
The Rock - If You Smell...
Rikishi - Bad Man
Scotty 2 Hotty - Bangin' It
Tazz - 13
Dudley Boyz - Were Comin' Down
Triple H - My Time
Chris Benoit - Rabid
Hardcore Holly - How Do You Like Me Now?
Undertaker - Dark Side
Chris Jericho - Break Down The Walls

- WWE Signature
Brock Lesnar - Next Big Thing
Christian - At Last
Eric Bischoff - I'm Back
Reverend D-Von - Eyes of Righteousness
Summer Slam Theme - Fight
Rey Mysterio - (619)
Trish Stratus with Lil Kim - Keys To The City
The Hurricane - Eye of the Hurricane
Chris Jericho (Saliva) - King of My World
Stephanie McMahon - All Grown Up
Torrie Wilson - Need A Little Time
Triple H - The Game
Undertaker - Dead Man/You're Gonna Pay
Billy & Chuck - You Look So Good To Me
Judgment Day Theme - The End
Shane McMahon - Here Comes the Money

Other Songs:
Backlash 2002 - Young Grow Old
Big Show - Big
Bubba Ray Dudley - Get The Tables
Chris Benoit - Whatever
Christian - El Mundo
D'Lo Brown - Danger At The Door
Edge - Never Gonna Stop
Hollywood Hulk Hogan - Voodoo Child
Kane - Slow Chemical
- Beautiful Day
Raw Theme - Across The Nation
King of the Ring 2002 - Ride of Your Life
- My Sacrifice

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