I Hope You'll Like It Here Lyrics by The Woman In White Cast

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The Woman In White Cast - I Hope You'll Like It Here Lyrics
(Limmeridge House. The morning room-light and summery.
Marian Halcomb is there. She is in her 30's-dark,
vivacious and attractive although not conventionally pretty.
Hartright enters, tired after the night's exertions. Marian shakes his hand)


You must be Miss Halcombe-I'm so sorry-

MARIAN (interrupting him)

Thank God you have arrived
you're fated to become
my drawing teacher
you poor creature
Our village is as dull
as it may first appear
a city mouse in Limm'ridge house
I hope you'll like it here

You're les than half the age
that we thought you might be
you'll feed our hunger
for someone younger
so please unpack your bags
and please be of good cheer
I'm sure you'll like where you reside
but with respect I must confide
I can't abide the countryside
I hope you'll like it here

You shall be the drawing master
to my sister and me
though she learns a little faster
a disaster I will be
We're the product of one mother
\but we come from diff'rent fathers
I think mine, for design
was completely talent free

Very soon you'll meet my sister
well, she's tech'nic'ly my half
but she's my whole world-my sister
is the wheat and I'm the chaff
She's kind and generous and fun
much younger, and the pretty one!

My father was quite poor
her father's wealth was vast
so she'll inherit and gladly share it
We're close as two can get
Between us not one tear
perpetually in harmony
I hope you'll like it here

Pretty soon you'll meet my uncle
whose prognosis is quite grim
he will tell you that his chances
of recovery are slim
With his bed pan and his hanky he is terminally cranky
though no doctor around
found a thing that's wrong with him

But how do I go on
I try to keep it short
then lose the battle and simply prattle
but getting to my point
my welcome is sincere
We're thrilled that's indisputable
I hope your rooms are suitable
your sentence is commutable
I hope you like it here

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