Winter's Bone Soundtrack Lyrics

Winter's Bone Lyrics

From the Album: Winter's Bone Soundtrack (2010) (buy at

Marideth Sisco - Missouri Waltz
Marideth Sisco - High On A Mountain
Marideth Sisco - Fair And Tender Ladies
Van Colbert - On A Hill Lone And Grey
White River Music Co. - Out Of Sight
Billy Ward - Man On The Run
Dirt Road Delight - In The Palm Of His Hand
Marideth Sisco - Farther Along
Dickon Hinchliffe - Hardscrabble Elegy
John Hawkes - Bred And Buttered
White River Music Co. - Missing You
Marideth Sisco - Ballad Of Jessup Dolly / The Wind & Rain
Lee Ann Sours - Sleepy Desert
Marideth Sisco - Angel Band
Linda Stoffel - Bury Me Beneath The Willow
Bo Brown - June Apple
White River Music Co. - Honky Tonk Days

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