Wicker Park Soundtrack Lyrics

Wicker Park Lyrics

From the Album: Wicker Park Soundtrack (2004) (buy at amazon.com)

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow
Lifehouse - Everybody Is Someone
Death Cab for Cutie - A Movie Script Ending
Snow Patrol - How to Be Dead
Broken Social Scene - Lover's Spit
The Stills - Retour A Vega
Mazzy Star - Flowers in December
The Legends - When the Day is Gone
The Shins - When I Goosestep
Jaime Wyatt - Light Switch
Mates of State - These Days
+/- - All I Do
Mum - We All Have a Map of the Piano
Postal Service - Against All Odds
Aqualung - Strange and Beautiful
Mogwai - I Know You Are But What Am I?
Johnette Napolitano & Danny Lohner - The Scientist

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