Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack Lyrics

Velvet Goldmine Lyrics

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Brian Eno - Needle in the Camel's Eye
Shudder to Think - Hot One
Placebo - 20th Century Boy
The Venus in Furs - 2HB
Wylde Ratttz - T.V. Eye
Shudder to Think - The Ballad of Maxwell Demon
Grant Lee Buffalo - The Whole Shebang
The Venus in Furs - Ladytron
Pulp - We are the Boyz
Roxy Music - Virginia Plain
David Johansen/ Johnny Thunders - Personality Crisis
Lou Reed - Satellite of Love
T-Rex - Diamond Meadows
Paul Kimble and Andy Mackay - Bitter's End
The Venus in Furs - Baby's on Fire
The Venus in Furs - Bitter-Sweet
Carter Burwell - Velvet Spacetime
The Venus in Furs - Tumbling Down
Steve Harley - Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
The Venus in Furs - Sebastian
Wylde Ratttz - My Unclean
Brian Eno - Dead Finks Don't Talk
Wylde Ratttz - Gimme Danger
Nathan Larson - People Rockin' People
Andy Pratt - Avenging Annie
Brian Eno - The Fat Lady of Limbourg
Lindsay Kemp - A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good
Callum Hamilton - Tutti Frutti
Gary Glitter - Do You Want to Touch Me (oh Yeah)
Fredda Payne - Band of Gold
The Mighty Hannibal - Get in the Groove
T-Rex - Cosmic Dancer

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