Vampires Suck Soundtrack Lyrics

Vampires Suck Lyrics

From the Album: Vampires Suck Soundtrack (2010) (buy at

Magicwandos - My Panties
Magicwandos - Succubus Baby
The DeeKompressors - Believe Nothing
Revival Chiefs - Late Night Superstar
Killdeer - Are We On
Arlaner - I Miss You
Barnetta - Hey Eddie
Kelly Kass - It's Raining Men
Miss Eighty 6 - My First Wish
Ali Dee - She's Going Down
Alana D - All The Way Up
Classic - On Fire
The 26th Street Boyz - The Hustle
Grecia Godliss - If I Was Your Vampire
Danielle Barbe - Wango Tango
Madlife - There I Stand

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