Undiscovered Soundtrack Lyrics

Undiscovered Lyrics

From the Album: Undiscovered Soundtrack (2005) (buy at amazon.com)

Steven Strait - Boomerang
Sparklemotion - Girls Like You
Work - Got a Problem
Steven Strait - Half Lit
Steven Strait - House Lights
Truman - I Can See Through You
Chuck T & The Wookies - Jungle Love
Truman - Little Sister
Bald Eagles - Love You (I Don't)
Simple - Menace
Steven Strait - Never Said Anything
Jaime Wyatt - Plans
Steven Strait - Pure Example
Steven Strait & Ashlee Simpson - Smart in a Stupid Way
Ashlee Simpson - That's Why I Love You
Steven Strait - This Is Living
Ashlee Simpson - Undiscovered
David Baerwald - Why Not Me

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