Thirteen Soundtrack Lyrics

Thirteen Lyrics

From the Album: Thirteen Soundtrack (2003) (buy at

Kinky - Mas
Iffy - Super Bad Girl
Clinic - The Equaliser
Imperial Teen - Ivanka
The Like - (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting
Folk Implosion - Make It With The Beat
Carmen Rizzo - Beso
MC 900 Ft Jesus - Killer Inside Me (Meat Beat Manifestation Mix)
Liz Phair - Explain It To Me
Katy Rose - Lemon
Orlando Brown - Pay Attention To Me
The Freshmaka - The Freshest
Anet - Nicotine
The Tormentos - Bien Caliente (Edit)
Mark Mothersbaugh - Score: The Shoot Out
Mark Mothersbaugh - Score: Hit Me

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