Surf's Up Lyrics by Ross Lynch

Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack Lyrics

Ross Lynch - Surf's Up Lyrics
Hey! Hey! Hey! Ooooooh! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Everybody's digging on the summer sun (sun)
The sand and the waves are made for having fun(fun)

Grab your boy or girl and hold on tight(tight)
Hip cats, Hot dogs, yeah we're so out of sight(sight)

Are you ready?
Ready Freddy?
Ready Steady?
Let's go!

It's a summer paradise
Cruisin with the boys and girls

Surfing day and night!
Everybody shoot the curl
Hang five, keep it alive
And then you drop down low all toes to the nose
Hang ten, hot doggin' again
Let's go! Ooooooh,

Surf's up!

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