Switched At Birth Soundtrack Lyrics

Switched At Birth Lyrics

From the Album: Switched At Birth Soundtrack (2011) (buy at amazon.com)
Switched At Birth
Katie Costello - Stranger
Katie Herzig - Jumping Trains
Katie Herzig - Best Day Of Your Life
Numa - Darker Side of Me
Katie Herzig - Free My Mind
Ryanhood - Helpless Hopeless
Val Emmich - Don't Wanna Go Home
Lucy Schwartz - Gone Away
Daphne Willis - My Shoes
Lucas Grabeel - Sunshine
VM - Take Me Away
Brandon Chandler - You Bring Me Home
Mine All Mine - That's The Way We R
Nikki Kummerow - Umbrellas
Michael Kisur - Don't Even Know
Kingsfoil - Heartprints
Alisha - Uh-Huh I Think You Know It
New Faces - Impulse

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