Stuck in Love Soundtrack Lyrics

Stuck in Love Lyrics

From the Album: Stuck in Love Soundtrack (2013) (buy at

(Score) - Nosebleed
Nathaniel Walcott and Mike Mogis feat. Big Harp - At Your Door
(Score) - Peeping Tom
Conor Oberst - You Are Your Mother's Child
Rio Bravo - American Man
Like Pioneers - Polkadot
(Score) - Rusty Tucks Kate In
Wallpaper Airplanes - Will You Be By Me
(Score) - Goodbye
Nat & Alex Wolff - I Won't Love You Any Less
Elliott Smith - Between the Bars
(Score) - Bill Gets Dressed
Bright Eyes - The Calendar Hung Itself
(Score) - Bill Tells Sam the Truth
Bill Ricchini - A Mountain, A Peak
(Score) - Erica At The Door
Friends of Gemini - Somersaults In Spring

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