A Star is Born Soundtrack Lyrics

A Star is Born Lyrics

From the Album: A Star is Born Soundtrack (1954) (buy at amazon.com)

- Overture
- Night of the Stars
- Gotta Have Me Go With You
- Norman at Home
- Pasion Oriental
- The Man That Got Away
- Cheatin' On Me
- I'm Quitting the Band
- The Man That Got Away
- Esther in the Boarding House
- Oliver Niles Studio
- Esther's Awful Makeup
- First Day in the Studio
- Born in a Trunk
- Easy Come, Easy Go
- Here's What I'm Here For
- The Honeymoon
- It's a New World
- Someone at Last
- Lose that Long Face
- Norman Overhears the Conversation
- It's a New World
- The Last Swim
- Finale/End Credits
- When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
- The Trinidad Coconut Oil Shampoo Commercial

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