Spring Awakening Soundtrack Lyrics

Spring Awakening Lyrics

From the Album: Spring Awakening Soundtrack (2006) (buy at amazon.com)

Spring Awakening Cast - Mamma Who Bore Me
Lea Michele & Girls - Mamma Who Bore Me (Reprise)
Jonathan Groff - All That's Known
John Gallagher, Jr. & Boys - The Bitch of Living
Spring Awakening Cast - My Junk
Spring Awakening Cast - Touch Me
Jonathan Groff & Lea Michele - The Word of Your Body
Lilli Cooper & Lauren Pritchard - The Dark I Know Well
Christine Estabrook, John Gallagher, Jr. & Boys - And Then There Were None
Jonathan Groff & Boys - The Mirror-Blue Night
Duncan Sheik - I Believe
John Gallagher, Jr. & Lauren Pritchard - Don't Do Sadness / Blue Wind
Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff & Company - The Guilty Ones
Jonathan Groff & Company - Left Behind
Jonathan Groff & Company - Totally F*cked
Jonathan B. Wright, Gideon Glick & Company - The Word of Your Body (Reprise)
Spring Awakening Cast - Whispering
John Gallaghe, Jr., Lea Michele & Jonathan Groff - Those You've Known
Lauren Pritchard - The Song of Purple Summer
Duncan Sheik - There Once Was a Pirate
Spring Awakening Cast - A Comet On It's Way
Spring Awakening Cast - Song of Purple Summer (current version)

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