Spawn Soundtrack Lyrics

Spawn Lyrics

From the Album: Spawn Soundtrack (1997) (buy at

Filter feat. The Crystal Method - (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
Marilyn Manson feat. Sneaker Pimps - Long Hard Road Out of Hell
Orbital feat. Kirk Hammett - Satan
Korn feat. The Dust Brothers - Kick The P.A.
Butthole Surfers feat. Moby - Tiny Rubberband
Metallica feat. DJ Spooky - For Whom the Bell Tolls (The Irony of It All)
Stabbing Westward feat. Wink - Torn Apart
Mansun feat. 808 State - Skin Up Pin Up
Prodigy feat. Tom Morello - One Man Army
Silverchair feat. Vitro - Spawn
Henry Rollins feat. Goldie - T-4 Strain
Incubus feat. DJ Greyboy - Familiar
Slayer feat. Atari Teenage Riot - No Remorse (I Wanna Die)
Soul Coughing feat. Roni Size - Plane Scraped Its Belly on a Sooty Yellow Moon

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