My Girl Back Home Lyrics - South Pacific Soundtrack

South Pacific Soundtrack Lyrics

My Girl Back Home Lyrics
My Girl Back Home
I almost forgot
A blue eyed kid
I liked her a lot
We got ingaged both families were glad
and I was told by my uncle and dad
that if I was clever and able
they'd make me a part of a partnership
and cable

How far are they?
Philidelphia P.A
Princeton N.J.
How far are they?

From Coconut ponds
to banyon trees
and coral pans
and tomphcanys

How far are they?
Little Rock A.R.K?

Princeton N.J
How far are they?

How far are they?

Nellie and Cable:
From Cocunut ponds
and banyon trees
to coral pans
and tomphcany's

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