Soul in the Hole Soundtrack Lyrics

Soul in the Hole Lyrics

From the Album: Soul in the Hole Soundtrack (1997) (buy at

Dead Prez - Score
Wu-Tang Clan - Diesel
Sauce Money - Against the Grain
M.O.P. - Ride
Big Punisher - You Ain't a Killer
Xzibit - Los Angeles Times
The Dwellas (Cella Dwellas) - Main Aim
Mobb Deep - Rare Species (Modus Operandi)
Common - High Expectations
Brand Nubian - A Child Is Born
Cocoa Brovaz - Won on Won
Wu All-Stars (Timbo King, Shyheim, Killa Sin) f/ Tekitha - Soul in the Hole
Darc Mind - Visions of Blur
Organized Konfusion - Late Night Action
O.C. f/ U NAST - Your Life

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