The Secret Life Of Us Soundtrack Lyrics

The Secret Life Of Us Lyrics

From the Album: The Secret Life Of Us Soundtrack (2002) (buy at

Motor Ace - Death Defy
78 Saab - Karma Package Deal
Waikiki - More
Magic Dirt - Pace It
Sounds Like Sunset - Each Time You Smile
Daisycutters - Sick Day
Pollyanna - Particular People
Something For Kate - You Only Hide
Abi Tucker - Everybody (Idiot Free)
Pound System - Know Who You Are
MGF - Not Afraid Of Romance
Not From There - Frisco Disco
ONinc - Size Does Matter
The Titanics - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
- CD 2
Abi Tucker - Everything
Wicked Beat Sound System - I Don't Wanna Know
Chakradiva - Drive
Machine Gun Fellatio - Unsent Letter
Waikiki - Love Is
Pollyanna - Beestung
Leonardos' Bride - Dreamship
Deadstar - Texas
78 Saab - Iris Ann
Paul Kelly with Monique Brumby - Melting
Christine Anu - Beat Of Your Heart
Suzie Higgie with Wicked Beat Sound System - In Between Worlds
Jackie Bristow - Stay With You
Butterfly Nine - Goodnight

From the Album: The Secret Life Of Us 2 Soundtrack (2002) (buy at

Waikiki - New Technology
Eskimo Joe - Planet Earth
Killing Heidi - Heavensent
Something For Kate - Monsters
George - Special Ones
Snout - Miracle Of Nature
Paul Mac feat. Peta Morris - The Sound of Breaking Up
Gerling - Dust Me Selecta
Lazy Susan - Clumsy (album mix)
The Superjesus - Second Sun
Wicked Beat Sound System - I Want To
Anika Moa - Falling In Love Again
ONinc - I’m Walking (edit)
Abby Dobson - Don’t Ask For More
Motor Ace - Death Defy (SLOU theme)

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