Scrubs - My Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Scrubs - My Musical Lyrics

From the Album: Scrubs - My Musical Soundtrack (2009) (buy at
Scrubs - My Musical
Scrubs Cast - All Right
Elliot Jd and Patti - Why Are You Singing?
Scrubs Cast - Welcome to Sacred Heart
Lazlo Bane - Scrubs Theme Song [ I'm No Superman ]
Scrubs Cast - Everything Comes Down to Poo
Scrubs Cast - We're Gonna Miss You Carla
J.D., Turk - Guy Love
Turk, Carla - For the Last Time / I'm Dominican
Scrubs Cast - Friends Forever
Scrubs Cast - What's Going to Happen to Me?
Dr. Cox, J.D., Patti, The Janitor - The Rant Song
Carla, Elliot - Options
Scrubs Cast - When The Truth Comes Out
Scrubs - Tango Dominican

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