All I Need Lyrics by Jalen

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Jalen - All I Need Lyrics
(Verse 1)
mmmm ooohh yeah
Take away my cars every single one
Take all my jewelry take all my clothes
anything you want as long as your right here
shining like the sun
people say i'm trickin trippin but it dont really matter,without you i'm done
so if i gotta spend some dough
it's fine by me, anything to let you know girl you're all i need
i don't care if i go broke as long as your with me, promise me you'll never go girl your all i need.
(Verse 2)
Call it addiction sugar and the words don't seem
gotta let you know i can't leave you alone
and the money aint a thing get anything you want from me baby as long as your forever my lady
from the cribs to the whips to the trips it's whatever baby
There aint enough money in the world
There's not enough that could equal to the time that we share and the way that you smile
say that you'll always be i just want you to be mine be my dime mami be my house on the hill whatever it take i will
(Chorus 2x)

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