The Rover Soundtrack Lyrics

The Rover Lyrics

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The Rover
Savy Heng and James Cecil - Meak Mer Nov Odor Meanchhey
Gabby La La - Backpack
Colin Stetson - The Three Ages of Man: Memories
Colin Stetson - Time is Advancing with Fitful Irregularity
Colin Stetson - As a Bird or Branch
Colin Stetson - Groundswell
Robert Black - Ko-Tha-Three Dances Of Shiva: Transcription For Double Bass By Fernando Grillo
Colin Stetson - Awake on Foreign Shores
The Ink Spots - Do I Worry?
William Basinski - Variation VI
Tortoise - Djed
Tortoise - Four Day Interval
Pattie Rosemon with Frank & Odie Rosemon - I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say
Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock
Sam Petty - Deja-Vu
Matthias Loibner - Crystal Waters
Sam Petty - Two Themes for Rey

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