RWBY, Vol. 5 Soundtrack Lyrics

RWBY Lyrics

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RWBY, Vol. 5
Jeff Williams - The Triumph
Jeff Williams - Ignite
Jeff Williams - Path to Isolation
Jeff Williams - Smile
Jeff Williams - All Things Must Die
Jeff Williams - This Time
Jeff Williams - All That Matters
Jeff Williams - Gold (Acoustic)
Jeff Williams - Armed and Ready (Falk Remix)
Jeff Williams - Let's Just Live (Harry Lodes Remix)
Alex Abraham - Welcome to Haven
Alex Abraham - Dread in the Air
Alex Abraham - I Found Him!
Alex Abraham - Hello Leonardo…
Alex Abraham - Mayday! Lancers!
Alex Abraham - Thank You, Sienna
Alex Abraham - Progress Takes Patience
Alex Abraham - First Times All Around
Alex Abraham - Jackpot
Jeff Williams - I'm Her Daughter, After All
Alex Abraham - Fighting Shape
Jeff Williams - Subtlety Is Out
Jeff Williams - A Few Signatures
Jeff Williams - Who Would Ask for This?
Jeff Williams - Qrow's Rough Day
Jeff Williams - I've Seen That Bird Before…
Alex Abraham - Dinner & Coffee
Jeff Williams - When Weiss Was Ten
Alex Abraham - A Note from Ilia
Jeff Williams - Battle at the Belladonna’s
Alex Abraham - Strength in Forgiveness
Alex Abraham - A Proposal I Can Get Behind
Alex Abraham - Things Aren't Looking Good
Alex Abraham - Showdown in Haven Academy
Alex Abraham - C Is for Cinder
Alex Abraham - Ooozzzpppiiinnn!!!
Alex Abraham - The Vault
Jeff Williams - Look Who's Talking…
Alex Abraham - Take This Fight Outside
Alex Abraham - Cease Fire!
Alex Abraham - The Relic & Aftermath

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