This World is Something New to Me Lyrics by Beck, Jakob Dylan & others

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Beck, Jakob Dylan & others - This World is Something New to Me Lyrics
[Lisa Loeb:] Where am I?
[B Real:] How did I get here?
[Patti Smith:] Today is very different than yesterday.
[Lou Rawls:] So this is the world?
[Laurie Anderson:] I miss my old womb.
[Gordon Gano:] The wallpaper here just ain't the same.
[Fred Schneider:] This word is something strange.
[Loeb:] I'm wet,
[Phife:] I'm cold,
[Lenny Kravitz:] (waggles diaper) I need a change,
[All:] (tosses blankets in air) This world is something new to me.
[Phife:] (on one monitor) Oh, my head! What is this? I can't take it!
[Dawn Robinson:] (on an adjacent monitor) Me either!
[Robotic camera zooms in on next baby]
[Beck:] I'm hungry,
[Rawls:] I'm tired,
[Jakob Dylan:] (pounds crib floor to make pacifier bounce) I'm irritated.
[Rawls:] But I love the extra leg room.
[Smith:] (Points to her bellybutton) Man! They cut my cord!
[Iggy Pop:] (Looks in his diaper to see, uh,
something Jewish boys get, usually at birth) consider yourself lucky!
[Dylan:] This world is way too big.
[Pop:] (baby points at Chuckie) And populated by fuzzy pigs.
[All:] This world is something new to me.
[Schneider:] This world is such a gas. (passes gas)
[Kate Pierson & Cindy Wilson:] P.U., where's your class?
[All:] This world is something new to me.
(Two baby carriers collide with each other as the Rugrats push them around)
[Beck:] (shouts) Quiet! can't a guy get some shuteye?
[Smith:] (shouts) It's so noisy in here.
[Pop:] (shouts) I can barely hear myself suck.
(baby grabs bottle from Chuckie)
[Dylan:] The food here tastes pretty good,
[Phife:] My compliments to the chef.
[Robinson:] And you gotta holler to get fed.
[Rawls:] But I could get used to that.
(babies cry; Chuckie falls on floor onto a light switch)
[Loeb:] This world is way too bright,
[Beck:] Can't somebody turn down the light?
[Beck:] (as another baby; looks inside diaper) So that's what that thing looks like.
[Dylan:] All things here are meant for play,
(throws pacifier; robotic camera follows it)
[Schneider:] It's gonna be a real cool day.
[All:] This world is something new to me.
(Newborns pee in the air to make a fountain,
while unidentified babies sing: "da-de-da-da-da",
etc.; one of the female babies say "Real cool", while another one says "Look!")
[All:] (as rainbow forms) This world is something new to me.
[robotic camera retracts and monitor shuts off as number ends]

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