Rio 2 Soundtrack Lyrics

Rio 2 Lyrics

From the Album: Rio 2 Soundtrack (2014) (buy at

Janelle Monae - What Is Love
Ester Dean Feat. B.O.B - Rio Rio
Barbatuques, Andy Garcia and Rita Moreno - Beautiful Creatures
Bruno Mars - Welcome Back
Carlinhos Brown and Nina De Freitas - O Vida
Philip Lawrence (Feat. Uakti) [Brazilian] - It's A Jungle Out Here
Anne Hathaway and Flavia Maia (Feat. Uakti) - Don't Go Away
Carlinhos Brown - Batucada Familia
Kristin Chenoweth and Jemaine Clement - Poisonous Love
Jemaine Clement and Kristin Chenoweth - I Will Survive
Carlinhos Brown - Bola Viva
Milton Nascimento - Favo De Mel
Philip Lawrence - It's A Jungle Out Here

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