REPO! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack Lyrics

REPO! The Genetic Opera Lyrics

From the Album: REPO! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack (2008) (buy at

Shilo, Mag, Nathan, Amber, GraveRobber, Rotti, Luigi, and Pavi - At The Opera Tonight
Mag - Crucifixus
Mourners, Rotti - Things You See In A Graveyard
Shilo - Infected
Nathan - Legal Assassin
Mag, Rotti, Amber, Luigi, and Pavi - Bravi!
Shilo and GraveRobber - 21st Century Cure
Genterns, Amber, Luigi, and Pavi - Mark It Up
Amber and GraveRobber - Can't Get It Up If The Girl's Breathing?
GraveRobber, Shilo, and Amber - Zydrate Anatomy
Nathan - Thankless Job
Mag, Shilo, and Dead Marni - Chase The Morning
Nathan, Rotti, Luigi, Pavi and Genterns - Night Surgeon
Shilo - Seventeen
Rotti - Gold
Band Leader, Luigi, Pavi, Single Mother, and Rotti - We Started This Op'ra Shit
Shilo and GraveRobber - Needle Through A Bug
Mag - Chromaggia
Nathan and Shilo - Let The Monster Rise
Nathan and Shilo - I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much
Shilo - Genetic Emancipation
GraveRobber - Genetic Repo Man

Other Songs:
GeneCo Chorus - Lungs And Livers
Nathan, Shilo, Mag - Everyone's a Composer
Nathan, Shilo, and Mag - Come Back!
Nathan and Shilo - What Chance Has A 17 Year Old Girl
Rotti and Amber - Happiness Is Not A Warm Scalpel
Repo, Nathan - Tonight We Are Betrayed
Rotti - Rotti's Chapel Sermon
Rotti - Piece De Resistance
Rotti - Interrogation Room Challenge

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