Goodbye To My Mama Lyrics by Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin

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Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin - Goodbye To My Mama Lyrics
Goodbye to my Mama, my Uncles and Aunts
One after another they went to lie down
In the green pastures, beside the still waters
And made no sound

Their arms that've held me for so many years
Their beautiful voices I no longer hear
They're in Jesus arms and he's talking to them
In the rapturous new Jerusalem
And I know they're at peace in a land of delight
But I miss my Mama tonight

Goodbye Eleanor and Aunt Frannie and Joe
Goodbye Uncle Jim and Elsie and Don
Goodbye to my Mama who went to lie down
And now is gone

Who's hands are these, all rough and hard
Nails all torn from toil and care
Who cleaned the house and kept the yard
Touched my cheek and stroked my hair

Thank you, Mama, the Lord give you peace
Bless your voice and the songs you've sung
Bless your arms and your hands and your knees
How you loved us when we were young

The Lord's my Shepherd, I not want
I have my Mama, my Uncles and Aunts
Water so still and pastures so green
Goodness and mercy following me
Goodness and mercy following me

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