Planet Terror Soundtrack Lyrics

Planet Terror Lyrics

From the Album: Planet Terror Soundtrack (2007) (buy at

Robert Rodriguez - GRINDHOUSE
(Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel) - DOC BLOCK
(Robert Rodriguez & Graeme Revell) - THE SICKOS
Performed by Rose McGowan (Pee Wee King, Chilton Price & Redd Stewart) - YOU BELONG TO ME
(Robert Rodriguez & Rick Del Castillo) - GO GO NOT CRY CRY
(Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez) - HOSPITAL EPIDEMIC
Performed by Rose McGowan (Rebecca Rodriguez & Robert Rodriguez) - USELESS TALENT N32
(Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel) - HIS PRESCRIPTION. PAIN
(Robert Rodriguez) - CHERRY DARLING
(Robert Rodriguez) - THE GRINDHOUSE BLUES
(Robert Rodriguez) - EL WRAY
(Robert Rodriguez & Carl Thiel) - DAKOTA
(Robert Rodriguez) - ZERO TO FIFTY IN FOUR
(Robert Rodriguez) - FURY ROAD
(Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez) - HELICOPTER SICKO CHOPPER
(Robert Rodriguez & George Oldziey) - THE RING IN THE JACKET
(Robert Rodriguez & Rick Del Castillo) - KILLER LEGS
(Graeme Revell & Robert Rodriguez) - MELTING MEMBER
Performed by Nouvelle Vague (Jello Biafra) - TOO DRUNK TO FU**
Performed by CHINGON (Robert Rodriguez) - CHERRY'S DANCE OF DEATH
Performed by Rose McGowan (Rebecca Rodriguez & Robert Rodriguez) - TWO AGAINST THE WORLD

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