Passing Strange Soundtrack Lyrics

Passing Strange Lyrics

From the Album: Passing Strange Soundtrack (2008) (buy at

Narrator, Heidi and the Band - Prologue / We Might Play All Night
Narrator and Ensemble - Baptist Fashion Show
Freight Train - Narrator and Ensemble - Blues Revelation
Narrator - Arlington Hill
Youth, Terry and Sherry - Sole Brother
Narrator - Must've Been High
Narrator, Mother and Ensemble - Mom Song
Narrator and Stewardesses - Merci Beaucoup, M. Godard
Ensemble - Amsterdam
Youth and Narrator - Keys / Marianna
- Keys / It's Alright
Youth, Marianna and Renata - We Just Had Sex
Narrator and Ensemble - May Day
Mr. Venus - Surface
Narrator, Desi and Youth - Damage
Youth - Identity
Narrator and Ensemble - The Black One
Heidi and Desi - Come Down Now
Youth and Narrator - Work the Wound
Youth and Narrator - Passing Phase
Narrator and Heidi - Love Like That

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