Pan Soundtrack Lyrics

Pan Lyrics

From the Album: Pan Soundtrack (2015) (buy at
Hugh Jackman - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Hugh Jackman - Blitzkrieg Bop
Lily Allen - Something's Not Right
Lily Allen - Little Soldier
- Fetching the Boys (Instrumental)
- Transfiguration (Instrumental)
- A Boy Who Could Fly (Instrumental)
- Flying Ship Fight (Instrumental)
- A Warrior's Fate (Instrumental)
- Crocodiles and Mermaids (Instrumental)
- Pirates vs Natives vs Heroes vs Chickens (Instrumental)
- Origin Story (Instrumental)
- Tramp Stamp (Instrumental)
- Neverbirds (Instrumental)
- Inverted Galleon (Instrumental)
- Mine Escape (Instrumental)
- Murmurs of Love and Death (Instrumental)
- Floating/ Neverland Ahoy! (Instrumental)
- Kidnapped/ Galleon Dog Fight (Instrumental)
- Air Raid/ Office Raid (Instrumental)
- Opening Overture (Instrumental)
Other Songs
Christina Perri - I Believe
Really Slow Motion & Epic North - Terminal Orbit (Instrumental)
Thomas Bergersen - New Life (Instrumental)
Really Slow Motion - Suns And Stars (Instrumental)

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