Finale Lyrics - Miss Saigon Soundtrack

Miss Saigon Soundtrack Lyrics

Finale Lyrics
now Tam, my brave boy
our long wait has ended
smile Tam
for you have a father at last

he has come
to take you home
all I dreamed for you
he'll do
you're still mine
but I can't go along
don't be sad
though I'm far away
I'll be watching you

this is the hour
I swore I'd see
I alone can tell now
what the end will be
they think they'll decide your life
no, it will be me

look at me one last time
don't forget what you see
one more kiss
and then say goodbye

Kim! Kim!

what have you done, Kim? Why?

the gods have guided you to your son

please don't die

hold me one more time

how in one night have we come... so far?

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