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Men in Black Lyrics

From the Album: Men in Black Soundtrack (1997) (buy at

Will Smith - Men in Black
Snoop Dogg f/ JD - We Just Wanna Party With You
Ginuwine - I'm Feelin' You
Alicia Keys - Dah Dee Dah (Sexy Thing)
Will Smith - Just Crusin'
The Roots f/ D'Angelo - The 'Notic
Trey Lorenz - Make You Happy
Nas - Escobar '97
Emoja - Erotik City
A Tribe Called Quest - Same Ol' Thing
Destiny's Child - Killing Time
3T - Waiting for Love
De La Soul - Chanel No. Fever
Buckshot LeFonque - Some Cow Fonque (More Tea, Vicar?)
Danny Elfman - M.I.B. (Main Theme)
Danny Elfman - M.I.B. Closing Them


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