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The Life Cast - Mister Greed Lyrics
I'm the kind of gambler
Whose luck is guaranteed
Thanks to my partner
Mister Greed
He supplies the suckers
As many as I need
My silent partner Mister Greed
Ev'rybody wants to make a fast buck
That is why I always take
Their last buck

He's my handy helper
He's my friend indeed
He's the most important
Reason I succeed
I just pick tile lettuce
But guess who plants the seed
My trusty partner
Mister Greed

Oh what a team
Oh what a match he makes
He makes 'em itch
I make 'em scratch
And we both agree
We love to see those suckers bleed
Me and my partner
My trusty partner
Me and my partner
Mister Greed
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