The Last Five Years Soundtrack Lyrics

The Last Five Years Lyrics

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The Last Five Years
Anna Kendrick - Still Hurting
Jeremy Jordan - Shiksa Goddess
Anna Kendrick - See I'm Smiling
Jeremy Jordan - Moving Too Fast
Anna Kendrick - A Part of That
Jeremy Jordan - The Schmuel Song
Anna Kendrick - A Summer in Ohio
Anna Kendrick & Jeremy Jordan - The Next Ten Minutes
Anna Kendrick & Jeremy Jordan - A Miracle Would Happen / When You Come Home to Me
Anna Kendrick - Climbing Uphill
Jeremy Jordan - If I Didn't Believe in You
Anna Kendrick - I Can Do Better Than That
Jeremy Jordan - Nobody Needs to Know
Anna Kendrick & Jeremy Jordan - Goodbye Until Tomorrow / I Could Never Rescue You

The Last 5 Years (Original Cast)

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