Lollipop Chainsaw Soundtrack Lyrics

Lollipop Chainsaw Lyrics

From the Album: Lollipop Chainsaw Soundtrack (2012) (buy at

The Chordettes - Lollipop
Arch Enemy - Nemesis
The Human League - Empire State Human
D.R.U.G.S - Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups
Five Finger Death Punch - The Way Of The Fist
Buckner & Garcia - Pac Man Fever
Akira Yamaoka - Love For My Insane Lover
Akira Yamaoka - Zombie Tackle
Akira Yamaoka - Viking Zombies Sail On Lightning Seas
Akira Yamaoka - Zombie Guts
Akira Yamaoka - Zombeef Burger
Akira Yamaoka - Mirrorball Madhouse
Akira Yamaoka - Rainbow Zombie Fever
Akira Yamaoka - Bowel Purge
Akira Yamaoka - Scattering Guts

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