Lee Daniels' The Butler Soundtrack Lyrics

Lee Daniels' The Butler Lyrics

From the Album: Lee Daniels' The Butler Soundtrack (2013) (buy at amazon.com)

Dinah Washington - I'll Close My Eyes
James Brown - Out Of Sight
Fantasia Barrino - In the Middle of the Night
People's Choice - Party Is A Groovy Thing
Gladys Knight - You And I Ain’t Nothin’ No More
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Rondo in C Major for Violin and Orchestra
DePaul University Brass Band - Hail to the Chief
Maria Joro Pires - BWV 825
The O'Jays - Family Reunion
- 1926 [Instrumental]
- Time To Leave [Instrumental]
- Learning The Ropes [Instrumental]
- White House Call [Instrumental]
- Louis Graduates [Instrumental]
- Louis Leaves [Instrumental]
- Woolworth [Instrumental]
- The Courthouse [Instrumental]
- Time Lane (with Steve Bartek) [Instrumental]
- White House's Waltz [Instrumental]
- Freedom Bus (Joao Eleuterio) [Instrumental]
- Kids Hosed Down [Instrumental]
- Changes [Instrumental]
- Segregation Speech [Instrumental]
- JFK Died [Instrumental]
- Vietnam War [Instrumental]
- Inlight [Instrumental]
- Amazing Grace Intro [Instrumental]
- The Black Panthers [Instrumental]
- Cecil Regrets [Instrumental]
- Invitation [Instrumental]
- Cecil's Memories [Instrumental]
- Louis Is A Hero [Instrumental]
- Civil Rights [Instrumental]
- Gloria Dies [Instrumental]
- The Butler [Instrumental]

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