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Jesus Soundtrack Lyrics

Hootie & the Blowfish - City By a River Lyrics

If I should ever wander
Just to try and get a taste
Take the next train going somewhere
Far, far away from this place
Down roads already traveled
Thinking I might get away
Would you remind me, would you remind me
Remind me

There's a city by a river
And it's as far as I want to go
Take your dreams down to the river
Drop 'em in and watch 'em flow

I dreamt the sun was hiding
When the dawn came up today
You walked the road beside me
Every step, hand in hand, along the way
If I should wake tomorrow
To a sky that's dull and gray
Would you remind me, would you remind me
Remind me

Little sister, up and gone
She cried herself a little river
All our dreams will float downstream
And in the ocean come together

There's a dream out there for someone
Kept floating by the falls
Was it a brilliant, worthy vision
Or just a thought no one will recall
If I should ever ponder
One more thought, another thought that floats away
Would you remind me, that it's inside me
Remind me

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