Jersey Shore Massacre Soundtrack Lyrics

Jersey Shore Massacre Lyrics

From the Album: Jersey Shore Massacre Soundtrack (2014) (buy at
Jersey Shore Massacre
Amadeus 3D - Beethoven's Fist
Mr. Wicked - Wild Out
X-Change feat. Good Money and Vikki V - High Maintenance (She Want That)
Joey Stacked - Ginzo Groove (aka Freddy's Theme)
Giorgio - All Over Again
X-Change feat. Good Money, M-Rey and DJ Joey A. - Hey Ma
Kingnyne - Outta My Head
Dreamroca - Island Gurl
Giuseppe D. - Shore Night
Italian Ice - Melt
Obá Frank Lord's - Rumble (Mikey Maze Mix)
Afrobeta - Clones
The Stoned Horses - The Grind
Ariana - Do You See It
P.S. 212 - Shannon's Opus
Cicada - Aftermath
LBI - Yeah Boy

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