In Your Eyes Soundtrack Lyrics

In Your Eyes Lyrics

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In Your Eyes
Andrew Johnson - Go Get Another Dream
Ray Beadle - Temptation
Iron & Wine - Resurrection Fern
Santigold - The Riot's Gone
Noah Maffit, Jessica Freedman, Written by Joss Whedon - Crumblin'
Twinbed - Trouble I'm In
Eddie Ray - Glad I Found You
Opus Orange - In The Dark
Matt Anderson - Fired Up
Wildlife - Stand In The Water
Tony Morales - The Break Up

Score by Tony Morales:
- In Your Eyes
- Connected
- You're Real
- It's Snowing
- 10pm Date
- Did You Ever Go Sledding?
- Mirror
- Kinda Personal
- Look under the Hood
- Rebecca Visits Phil
- Phillip and Rebecca
- I Should Go
- Quirks and Insecurities
- Rebecca Is Having an Affair
- Break Up
- Rebecca Put In Hospital
- Time to Go To Work
- On His Way
- Make a Break for It
- Together At Last

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