Boom Crunch Lyrics by Melissa Manchester

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Melissa Manchester - Boom Crunch Lyrics
Told your little lies, did you? Naughty, naughty, now boom crunch!
Time we all said our goodbyes, don't you think?
Pretty soon, boom crunch!
Bit too high a price is it, but you got your wish?
Shouldn't happen if you're nice, should it?
Now BOOM CRUNCH, squish.

Got your hearts' desires.
Liars, Liars, LIARS LIARS!
Little lies for little liars, what harm is that?

Fooled a prince, brake a vow, grab a bag of gold, get your cow, doesn't matter how.
Anyway, it doesn't matter now, 'cause any minute.. boom... splat... smashed... flat!

Time to call a halt, is it?
Too late now, boom crunch!
Want to know who's fault?
Everybody's, HERE SHE COMES!
Just a cloud.
Fooled 'em that ball, did you, and you got your prince?
Selfish little liars all, all of you.
All well soon.. minced... meat!

Just a small upheaval.
Evil, Evil, EVIL, EVIL!
Not to know what's evil, nice people's lives.

Well goodbye...
You could use a good witch now, goodbye...
You don't want me around, I'm just crushed.
You're just crushed.
I'm just going...

NO ONE LIKES A WITCH, which is why I don't have to lie, I'M UNPLEASANT!
No one likes a witch, but you all need someone to curse, well goodbye!
Get another witch for whatever's left of the present, just keep getting better at making things worse!

Letting lie, lead to lie, lead to cheat a little, lead to steal a little, lead to kill a little, lead to BOOM... RUMBLE, RUMBLE...
Mustn't grumble!

Interested in beans, are you?
Have a whole damn bunch!
There you are.
Lots of magic beans, here you want some more, get 'em by the score, get 'em quick before...

Uh oh...
Listen to the roar...
BOOM UH OH, bye everybody!
BOOM! Isn't it a shame,
Who you gonna blame this time?!
Isn't quite the same this time!!
This time it's:

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