The Hero of Color City Soundtrack Lyrics

The Hero of Color City Lyrics

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The Hero of Color City
Zoë Poledouris-Roché & Angel Roché Jr. featuring The Willard Elementary School "Rising Stars" Chorus - Color The World
LOONER - Why Am I So Scared
Tara Strong, Jeremy Guskin, Jess Harnell, David Kaye and Rosie Perez - Heave Ho (Boat Song)
Tara Strong - Color City Song
- Ben's Room (Main Title)
- Up and Adam
- Crayon Portal
- King Scrawl & Gnat Awaken
- Welcome To Color City
- Gentle Blushing Flower/I Was Used Today
- Color City Song
- Scrawl Kong/Afraid Of Heights/ReCharge/Scrawl's Mountain Idea
- Saved My Wrapper
Zoë Poledouris-Roché, Angel Roché Jr. and Gabrial McNair - Town Hall/Hawaii Source*/Town Hall Cont.
- Why Am I So Scared I
- Mountain Ascent/Rainbow Mountaintop/Let's Color_Anvil Chorus I
- Heavo Ho (Boat Song)
- Scary Narrows/Outside The Lines
- Anvil Chorus III
- Fog Walk/Unfinished Drawing Theme/HeeBee JeeBees/Creepy Crawlies
- You're Not Monsters
- Color The World
- What's The Plan
- You Saved Me
- Everything's Ok/I Trusted You/You Don't Understand
- Stop/He Saved My Life/We've All Acted Like Jerks
- It's Up To Us/Dam Come Down/Color Returns
- Alternate End Theme

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