Hyde Park on Hudson Soundtrack Lyrics

Hyde Park on Hudson Lyrics

From the Album: Hyde Park on Hudson Soundtrack (2013) (buy at amazon.com)
Hyde Park on Hudson
Jeremy Sams - Daisy Gets Ready
Jeremy Sams - German Band / A Drive in the Country
Jeremy Sams - Very Good Friends
Jeremy Sams - Not Enough Plates
Jeremy Sams - Meet the Queen
Jeremy Sams - Slow Drag
Jeremy Sams - Tango
Jeremy Sams - Shimmy
Jeremy Sams - Waltz
Jeremy Sams - Moon Music
Jeremy Sams - Night Thoughts
Jeremy Sams - Missy at Top Cottage
Jeremy Sams - A Swim and a Picnic
Jeremy Sams - A Special Relationship

Other Songs:
Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade
The Ink Spots - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
The Ink Spots - If I Didn't Care
Jonathan Brewer - Chief Mountain Song
Jonathan Brewer - Thunder Song
Jonathan Brewer - Squaw Mountain
Jonathan Brewer - Benny's Song

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