Man Up Lyrics by Trillville

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Trillville - Man Up Lyrics
You don't wanna do dat(x15)
(Don P talkin in background)

All dat talkin(x5) dat shit
Talkin(x5) dat shit (x3)
Man up muthaf*cka man up(x4)

Don P:
Now evabody wanna f*ckin have they label
Wouldn't on da first shit to bring to da table
They in they own fantasy somethin like a fable
Handicap situations all disabled
I shut em down like a computer
Cause aint nobody f*ckin wit da super producer
Coreleone trill town representatives
F*ck Don P man some of yall too senstative
But ya f*ck me but nann day you gon touch me
Talkin bout Don P why you buckin
Man you need to chill out get to da money
I already got it and imma trill nigga I handle all my problems
Besides i'm all about respectin
Imma man before anybody checkin


Lil Atlanta:
What you starin at this ain't no free show
You gon make me cock back hit ya ass in da door
You don't wanna do dat hear dem thangs clit-clat
Goes in ya thru da front comes out thru da back
Come and make my night love to talk hate to fight
Was you a bitch I was a bitch it don't go away ova night
Man up muthaf*cka man up i told you once before muthaf*cka stand up


Dirty Mouth:
Now if you niggas keep playin you gon make a nigga tear a hole right thru yo chest
Is yo flesh i can see yo soul
You don't wanna do dat imma hit you wit a bat
Talkin all dat shit nigga and imma hit you wit da gack
17 times out da barrell on my 45
4 plus 5 equals 9 goin thru yo spine
Sit yo ass down hoe make a move you gotta go
Erase you off da map and beat yo ass at yo own show
Ain't playin no games wit you lames when it comes to gangsta shit
Throwin up my middle finger grabbin on my own dick
Niggas thank they slick take yo pick
Which one you want bullets flyin thru yo house or goin straight thru yo door
Make yo ass choke wit different strokes of my hand movements
Say dat your a G in these streets man you gotta prove in
Next time I see you talkin talkin shit imma rearrange yo mouth
And put yo ass in a ditch bitch


You don't wanna do dat(x15)

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