The Weeping Call Lyrics

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The Weeping Call Lyrics
"As I worked in the fields, not too far away. From my small, shanty home. I remembered the day, when the mockingjays sang the once old weeping call."

"They remember the trackers, and the stings that were plump. And the birds that flew in the trees. But do not forget natures sweet honey makers, called the bumblebees."

"I saw a woman, who worked in the orchard, who jumped from tree to tree. A dark haired beauty, nimble and quick was she. I loved her more than life itself, and offered if she ever needed help."

"After we became friends, and our eyes first met, I knew she was my very own. I waited for her that night, to come to the orchard. This place was like her home."

"I walked through to find her, and to my horror..... there was nothing I saw. But a fine, fair maiden, hanging from a tree, I sang my own weeping call."

"All those horrible nights, I spent, not leaving her alone. Even though her spirit was gone, to me her heart was my own."

"Everyone mourned her, but mostly me. Her silhouette haunted my few memories. The first day I saw her in the orchard, all those hours we spent. After I found a letter, her own little note, it was that to me she lent."

"My love, you are my life. I wish very dear to be your wife. But alas, I must leave you. I love you more than life itself. You, like me, are nimble and quick. But to this world, I no longer, can offer my life to stick."

"She, my love, had left this world. My life now has no meaning. I've even sometimes thought about my own Earth's leaving."

"As I worked in the fields, not too far away, from my small, now sullen home. I remembered the day, when me and the mockingjays sang, the once old weeping call."

I can never find this song on youtube, and i know it's supposed to be sung by a guy, but I wanted to try it out, so here it is!

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