Daughter's Lament Lyrics by The Carolina Chocolate Drops

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The Carolina Chocolate Drops - Daughter's Lament Lyrics
Come in, come in my father dear
And spend this hour with me
For I have a meal, a very fine meal
And I fixed it up for thee, thee
I fixed it up for thee

No, I ain't comin' in, no I ain't comin' in
To spend this hour with thee
For I have to go down in the mines
I'll return this night to thee, thee
I'll return this night to thee

Then she got up her arrow and her bow
Her arrow and her string
And she went down to the forest deep
And sweetly she did sing, sing
And sweetly she did sing

Up spoke, up spoke a mockingjay
Up from a willow tree
You had a father in the mine
Who's gone this day from thee, thee
Who's gone this day from thee

Woe be woe be mockinglay
Woe be woe be to thee
I'll send an arrow through your hear
For to bring such news to me, me
For to bring such new to me

Up spoke, up spoke that mockingjay
Don't waste your time with me
Go home and mind that pretty little girl
Her father no more does see, see
Her father no more does see

She went home to ter house that night
That house so cold and mean
And she held her sister close to her side
And never more did sing, sing
And never more did sing

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