How To Be Soundtrack Lyrics

How To Be Lyrics

From the Album: How To Be Soundtrack (2009) (buy at

Joe Hastings - Opening Credits
Robert Pattinson - Chokin' on the Dust Pt. 1
Joe Hastings - It's Not Your Fault
Rollercoaster Project - Hell Awaits
How To Be - You Don't Actually Have Things All That Bad
Love - Old Man
Robert Pattinson - Chokin' on the Dust Pt. 2
Joe Hastings - Sometimes We All Need a Little Help
Joe Hastings - Dr. Ellington Arrives
Joe Hastings - Visualize a Time
How To Be - Jam Session
Rollercoaster Project - 1996
Mike Pearce - Nikki's Song
Joe Hastings - Puzzle
Joe Hastings - Cemetery
Joe Hastings - Off Licence
Rollercoaster Project - Process 1
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Clear Spot
The Roches - Hammond Song
Joe Hastings - Final Call
How To Be - You're Not a Nobody
Robert Pattinson - Doin' Fine
Joe Hastings - End Credits

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