Hoodwinked Soundtrack Lyrics

Hoodwinked Lyrics

From the Album: Hoodwinked Soundtrack (2009) (buy at amazon.com)

The Score - Into The Book
Anne Hathaway - Great Big World
Todd Edwards - Critters Have Feelings
The Score - Nicky Intro
Ben Folds - Red is Blue
Benjy Gaither - Be Prepared
The Score - Go Flippers
Daniel Rogers - Little Boat
The Score - Red / Wolf Staredown
Josh Greene - Runaway
Fleming K. McWilliams and Jim Belushi - The Schnitzel Song
Todd Edwards - Tree Critter
The Score - Three G's
Cory Edwards - The Real G
Pupil - Blow Your House Down
The Score - Hoodwinked Theme, Granny Techno Mix ( Banzai! )
Todd Edwards - Eva Deanna
The Score - Chopping For Actors
Todd Edwards - Glow
The Score - Nicky Knows
Andy Dick - Top of the Woods
The Score - Delivery Girl
The Score - Lair Rescue
The Score - Cable Car Rescue / End of the Line
Todd Collins - Bounce
The Score - Bossa For Boingo
The Score - Hoodwinked Theme ( Surfer Version )

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