High Fidelity Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

High Fidelity Musical Lyrics

From the Album: High Fidelity: A Musical Soundtrack (2006) (buy at amazon.com)

Will Chase - The Last Real Record Store on Earth
Will Chase, Rachel Stern, Caren Lyn Manuel, Emily Sallow - Desert Island Top 5 Break-Ups
Christian Anderson - It's No Problem
Rachel Stern - She Goes
Jeb Brown - Ian's Here
- Number Five With A Bullet
- Ready To Settle
- Nine Percent Chance
- I Slept With Someone
- I Slept With Someone 2
- I Slept With Someone (Reprise)
- Exit Sign
- Cryin' In The Rain
- Conflict Resolution I
- Conflict Resolution II
- Conflict Resolution III
- Goodbye And Goodluck
- It's No Problem (Reprise)
Will Chase - Laura, Laura
- Turn The World Off (And Turn You On)
- Too Tired

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