Handy Manny Soundtrack Lyrics

Handy Manny Lyrics

From the Album: Handy Manny Soundtrack (2009) (buy at amazon.com)

Los Lobos - Handy Manny Main Title Theme
Chris Rodriguez - You Break It, We Fix It
Chris Rodriguez - Smile While You Work
Tom Kenny as "Pat the Hammer" - I'm a Hammer
The Cast of Handy Manny - Come On Jump In
Chris Rodriguez - Kelly's Hardware Store
Nika Futterman as "Stretch the Tape Measure" - Made To Measure
Jaime Babbitt - Hi Manny
Chris Rodriguez - Viva Saturday
The Cast of Handy Manny - We Work Together
Fred Stoller as "Rusty the Wrench" - Rusty the Wrench
Chris Rodriguez - Amigos Forever

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